When the NHL wants to show off its design expertise, it does so in spades

The NHL has long been known for its extensive use of recycled materials.

Its official logo was first used in the 1920s.

The team logo has been used in other cities as well.

The league’s new design language was unveiled on Thursday and includes green and yellow elements that can be easily applied to a variety of different materials.

“There are two main types of materials that can have green and yellows,” said Rick O’Donnell, a senior vice president of product development for the NHL, which oversees the league’s design, production and merchandising departments.

“The green material is often used in products for water treatment, so that would be a good example.

The yellow material would be for some kind of a surface treatment product or some kind that’s made of a material that’s green, so they can actually have a green look and feel.

O’Donnell noted that the NHL is not the only league to use the green material. “

That’s one element that they used in all of their logos.”

O’Donnell noted that the NHL is not the only league to use the green material.

In the past, the league has used a similar combination of green and green-yellow elements in other logos and on apparel and other products.

The NHL will debut a new logo with the green and white elements on March 5, a day after the NHL’s All-Star Game, when fans will be able to watch the league celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The new design will also be available in a range of different colors.

In addition to its green-and-yellow element, the NHL has been using a variety a different kind of green-green-yellow material in its past.

That material has been found on the logos of the Minnesota Wild, Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers.

The NHL also has green elements in its logo design for the Buffalo Sabres and the Vancouver Canucks.

O’Neill noted that that material was used in two other NHL logos and apparel.

The Sabres logo features green-white elements, while the Canucks logo features yellow-green elements.

In all, O’Brien said that the league will debut its new logo in March.

The first product that will come out of the unveiling is a new uniform that will debut in the fall.

The uniform is designed to be more of a throwback to the NHL team uniforms of the 1970s and 1980s, when the league used the green-gold-white element in its designs.

The new logo is being designed by O’Nom, a Los Angeles-based design agency.

It is part of the NHLPA’s new digital agency, which was formed in April, following the NHL lockout that forced the league to restructure its operations and hire new employees.

The unveiling of the new logo comes just weeks after the league released its latest uniform designs.

In addition to the green element in the logo, the new uniforms feature a new crest that is designed with the blue and yellow parts of the green, yellow and orange colors.

The design includes the traditional blue and gold lines, the blue “E” and the “Empire” logo.

In an interview with ESPN, Ondrej Pavelec, the chief creative officer for the new digital organization, said the new uniform was inspired by the uniforms worn by the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The league has also been working with its new digital media team to get fans interested in its upcoming marketing campaigns.

The digital team is tasked with reaching out to fans via social media and through the official league Twitter account.

The company said that it will begin to use social media platforms on April 1, with more details about the new media strategies to be announced later.

The League has also announced that the new design is the first in a series of new design themes.

The themes include the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and the Miami Heat.