How to turn your garden into a greener space

Green designs will get you a green thumb, a green toe, and a green life.

And they can make your yard a happier place too.

Here’s how to create an eco-friendly garden that can be both a source of pleasure and source of stress.

The garden is the living, breathing organism of your garden.

It’s the one thing you’re constantly surrounded by and constantly interacting with.

Green design elements are a great way to turn a boring garden into something that’s both inviting and stimulating.

To start, get your garden ready.

Make sure it has a nice, well-drained surface.

It should be easy to walk on.

And it should have something to stand on to give you a sense of height.

(Photo: Courtesy of Michael Gartner) Start by making your garden a pleasant place to live.

Try to make it feel as inviting as possible.

Make it as natural as possible, including having no trees or plants in your yard.

Make the house feel a bit more inviting by keeping the porch open.

Then add an attractive feature, such as a large lawn, or a few trees that grow into a beautiful flower bed.

You’ll probably want a few plants to give your garden an extra bit of color.

(To learn how to do this, read How to Add a Tree to Your Garden.)

Use a decorative plant.

If you want to be more creative, you can make the garden a bit less beautiful by creating a plant that’s more like an edible vegetable.

Make a garden that looks like a fruit bowl or vegetable garden.

This is a perfect place to add a variety of flowers, especially those that have a bright, vibrant color and have a flower-like bloom.

The result is that your garden is more beautiful, even if it’s still quite small.

Try adding a variety with different textures, shapes, and sizes.

(Image: Courtesy Michael Gassner) Once you’ve got your garden in place, make sure it looks beautiful.

You can add a decorative piece to the top of the garden, like a large garden ornament, a tall, leafy bush, or even a flower or tree.

Make an outdoor plant stand out from the rest of the plants.

(The bigger your garden, the better, since the larger the plants will have more space to grow.)

Then add something to keep the garden moving.

You could make a small tree stand out of the dirt or grass, or create a flowerbed for your flowers, or make a garden wall.

(You could also make a big, colorful, plant that hangs from the sky, or perhaps even an indoor waterfall.)

When you’re done with your garden and you’re ready to move on to other tasks, you might want to add some fun and playful elements to the place.

For example, add a couple of cute little balls to the yard.

Or create a fun, colourful balloon that you could toss into the air and enjoy.

Add a couple more decorations, such the little butterfly you can hang on a wall, or maybe a cute flower or a couple little birds that float around your garden or play nearby.

This will make your garden feel more fun to visit and make it a bit happier for everyone.

(More: How to Get Rid of Your Lawn Dirt and Sprinkle With Green) Start adding a little color to your yard with plants that are easy to grow.

A good place to start is with plants with green or red accents.

(For example, try using a shrub, shrubbery, or tree.)

But if you want more variety, make your house a bit nicer with a green roof.

(A green roof adds a touch of color to a house and makes it more inviting.)

(Photo by: Courtesy Mike Orenstein) To give your green garden a little more personality, add something that looks different each day.

You might add a colorful plant or flower to your garden that changes every day.

This might include a flower that grows a new color, or some other plants that change their colors from year to year.

(See the How to Create a Green Garden to learn how.)

This is great for adding a touch to your place, and also for adding some fun.

You may want to give the garden flowers and shrubs to decorate the house, or decorate your home.

You will also want to decorating your yard, to give it a more green look.

(Make sure the grass is grassy, or you’ll have trouble getting it to grow naturally.)

(More on the different kinds of plants and how to grow them in the Garden.)

For fun and fun, add in some fun plants that attract animals and birds.

For some birds, you could try planting a few of your favorite birds’ nests in the garden.

(Watch How to Grow Birds’ Nest from Michael Gattner.)

Add in some plants that make a splash of color with their bright colors, such a blue or purple flower, or an orange tree.

(Read How to Use Color to