When you’re working in a green environment, what are your main concerns?

GREEN: Design green, design green works.

It’s all about how you think, how you live, how your workflows are structured, the way you design.

You’re always looking for the most sustainable and efficient design.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a coffee shop, a hotel, a restaurant or a supermarket.

It has to be as green as possible.

You can’t be green if you can’t get away with it.

If you don’t have a sustainable design, you can still have an elegant design, but not the best design, because you need to make it more sustainable.

GREEN: A lot of designers are scared to ask themselves the same question as me: “How do I make my work more sustainable?

What are the ways I can change it?”

They want to be green.

That’s why it’s important to think about sustainability in terms of design and design thinking.

GREEN (audio): There are a lot of people who say they don’t want to make things that are sustainable.

But I can tell you I was thinking about a green space for the last year or so.

How do I work in it, how do I design it?

And I think that’s the most important question.

GREEN(inaudible): The green space is where you are.

You are where you work.

The only place you’re not is somewhere else.

GREENI: You have to be a little bit aware that you’re never going to be perfect in every way.

And I’m not trying to be like, “I’m perfect and everything’s perfect and I can do it!”

That’s not how I work.

That just doesn’t work.

It takes time and practice.

GREEN2: What’s your favourite part of designing in a design studio?

GREEN2(in Audience): I love the design studio.

The thing about design studios is that it’s like a small world.

And we don’t really see much of it because there’s not a lot to do.

GREEN3: There are so many other things you can do in the studio.

You have the opportunity to sit around, write and draw.

GREEN4: There’s no pressure.

I feel like I’m doing this with my own hands.

I’m really good at drawing.

I just have a different style of drawing.

GREEN5: The only thing you really have to worry about is that you are getting good results.

If the product looks great, I’m fine with that.

But if the product doesn’t, it’s going to look terrible.

GREEN6: You work with a team of designers who are not just doing the drawing, but also the thinking.

It is amazing how you can work together and create something beautiful.

GREEN7: I don’t know what it’s about.

I don.

I really like to think and I like to work with designers who I feel are really creative and they really know how to work in a team.

GREEN8: Sometimes, when I’m in a studio, I feel it’s so nice and relaxed.

But it’s not that I can’t do what I want to do, I just need to get the inspiration and make the decisions.

GREEN9: You can go into the studio and be a bit nervous.

But when you’re in there, you’re always thinking, “How are we going to do this?”

GREEN10: In design, it is so important that you work in the right place at the right time.

The design studio is where I get inspiration.

It was a great way for me to learn.

GREEN11: I think you can always go to another design studio for something else, but for me, I find the design in a small room a lot more fun than the big studio.

GREEN12: The big studio is very stressful.

The designers don’t get to work at home.

There’s a lot less room for them to experiment.

The designer can’t have the freedom to change things.

GREEN13: Sometimes I’m just in a big room and there’s no room for me.

I think in design studios, it can be very isolating and very distracting.

GREEN14: It’s like being in a different world.

I try to go back to my home.

GREEN15: You are always working on a different thing.

You don’t always know what you’re going to have to work on.

It can be a project you’ve worked on for a long time, or a new idea that you have.

GREEN16: You need to be able to take the time to think.

I’ve had a couple of weeks to think in the past.

GREEN17: There is so much going on and so much that you need time to process it all.

There is not time to sit there and be bored.

GREEN18: In the design world, you have a lot going on, and you don`t know where it’s heading.

There`s always something to