The Green Lion Design – The Real Life Story Behind the Green Lion logo

The Green Lions are the real-life design of a man with a huge green lion’s head.

It’s one of the most popular logos ever created, and it was used in the 1960s by several major companies including Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen.

The logo was designed by famed American illustrator Jack Nicholson, and was based on a photograph of the original Green Lion design that he took while working as a security guard at the World’s Fair in Chicago.

Nicholson designed the logo after visiting the Chicago Green Lion attraction in 1959.

The design became a symbol for the attraction, and its slogan “Come See the Lion” became synonymous with the attraction.

MTV News sat down with Nicholson to find out how he got the logo into the minds of so many people, and how it became such a well-known symbol.

The design is actually quite simple, and actually has the same elements that Jack Nicholson used.

The lion head has a big green outline on top, and there’s a big orange cross on top of the head.

Nicholson designed it based on the photograph that he had of the Green Lions, which was taken at the Chicago fair.

It was a very large photo of the attraction that he actually had in his mind, and he really thought of the design that way.

He also thought of this: The green lion was supposed to be a symbol of hope, which is very important to me as a human being.

The green lions were supposed to symbolize hope in that it meant that there was hope for people, as opposed to the other way around.

And it was a symbol that he thought people should be able to relate to.

I really felt that the Green lions were really the epitome of hope.

It’s not just the Lion’s Head that is the symbol of that hope.

The Green lions are the epitom of hope that is in our hearts and minds, and I think that’s a very important thing.

It’s interesting that Jack went from a job as a guard at Chicago’s Green Lion to becoming the most recognizable face of the green lions.

Jack Nicholson was actually working at the fair that year, so it’s likely he saw the design on a news report.

Jack says that he wanted to do something that he could feel good about, so he came up with this design that was very simple, but it had this powerful symbolism.

He wanted to create a symbol in his own image that he felt people would relate to, and then he wanted the rest of the world to understand that symbol.

It took him six months to design the design, and Nicholson worked on it for about six weeks before he was ready to show it to the public.

He had to put together a logo that was so well-designed, that it could be recognized by anyone.

The logo, which looked very similar to the original design, had to look right for it to be seen by the general public.

Jack said that he got inspiration for the logo from the real world, and that he was inspired by his own experiences as a gardener.

He said that it’s very hard to be successful in the garden because the only thing that makes you successful is being able to have a vision and be able see what you want to see.

Jack has always been a garder, and even after he became famous he still maintained a healthy interest in gardening, so his interest in the design made it a natural choice for him to design it.

He says that the design was very unique because it was very different from what he was used to seeing.

He’s always been interested in something that was new, and this is his first design he ever designed.

I always felt that people should know that something that is new and innovative can be a very successful design.

Jack is a very creative person.

He has a knack for coming up with creative solutions to problems that he sees in the world.

He loves the world and loves people, so when he came across this idea he was very excited.

He worked for about two years on it, and the design turned out to be very well-received.

It was very successful.

Jack said that people came up to him and said, “I love this design.

I don’t understand why I’m not seeing it.”

Jack says that people are often very surprised that they can be surprised when they see something that they didn’t expect.

Jack was a security officer for about 30 years, and in that time he’s become known as one of America’s most well-liked artists.

Nicholson had been a security guy for about a decade before he became the head of the security department at the Green Dragon attraction.

He retired in 1986, and Jack was still in his early 20s when he became Nicholson’s successor.

Jack says the design had a lot of design elements that he didn’t see in the original.

Jack also had some ideas about how the design would look like, and one of those ideas was the use of color