GreenLab is launching a new green design school and research facility in Silicon Valley

Recode is reporting that a green design research lab is opening in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The lab is being built at the University of California, Berkeley, and is slated to open in 2019.

It will be one of three green design labs that will operate in the Bay Area, which is expected to become the second largest Silicon Valley hub after New York City.

It is part of a growing trend in the Silicon Valley, with green design being increasingly accepted as a way to boost economic competitiveness. 

The green design lab will have two main components: a lab to produce green products and technology, and a facility for the training of engineers and designers.

It’s also the first time that the lab will operate on campus.

The lab’s main component will be a green building, where engineers and design students can build products, research and develop solutions.

The lab will also house research labs, offices and research labs for a variety of different types of projects.

Recode reported that the green building will be “green, but not too green.”

It’s expected that the new lab will be similar to those in the area, but will be more of a campus-like facility.

The new lab, which will be housed in the university’s Engineering and Design Building, will be built in a new building that is a “new home for the GreenLab, which was founded in 2015,” Recode said. 

“The lab will feature the largest green space in the world,” the university said in a statement.

“It will also be the first green lab on campus in the United States.”

The new green building is located near the Berkeley Science Center.

It will feature a central lobby with a view of the bay, as well as “new, fully functional research labs” that will be open to the public, according to Recode.

“We are proud to be building on the green labs that Berkeley students and faculty have been using to make innovation happen, and the lab is the first of its kind to be built on campus,” said Chris Sperling, dean of the school of engineering.

“The GreenLab will offer a new space for students to work, play and explore.”

The green building and labs will be the centerpieces of a project called Green Lab.

The university is partnering with the Green Lab Labs Project to develop and build a green lab at the university.

Recoding described the Green Labs Project as “an incubator for research, training, and technology innovation in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Recode previously reported that green design has been growing rapidly in Silicon Vegas.

The Green Lab is one of several green design initiatives the university is pursuing in Silicon City, including the new Green Lab Center for the Design and Manufacturing of Innovative Technologies and the Greenlab Center for Innovation in Manufacturing and Technology.