Green River Design degree offers ‘green’ opportunities

A green design diploma in Canada could open doors to green jobs in the country’s green-building industry, according to a report by the Institute for Green Economy.

In a new report, the institute says the degree, which can be taught at a small, non-profit level, is “a great opportunity for those looking to work in the green construction industry” to gain “the green skills needed to develop their careers.”

The degree, according the report, “provides a pathway to a green construction degree in Canada that can be applied to other green building-related industries.”

According to the institute, the green design certificate is one of the most sought-after green credentials in the world.

According the report: Green architecture and design are increasingly attracting a higher profile, in part due to the growing number of green-technology companies and institutions operating in Canada, including Canadian Green Building Association, Green Tech Ventures, and Green Design Centre of Canada.

“The green design certification provides an opportunity to enter the green architecture and construction field, which is highly competitive,” the institute said in its report.

The green architecture degree is offered by the University of Guelph, according Green Tech Venture, a non-profits partner that works with green building organizations and businesses.

Green technology companies have been hiring Canadians for more than a decade, according a report from the Green Venture Institute, a program at the University.

Currently, green technology companies are investing $1 billion in Canada in the next 10 years, according it.

While the green technology industry has been attracting a larger share of the industry, there are still many green-tech workers left out of the mix.

According to Green Venture, only around 5% of the workforce is currently green-related in Canada.

About a quarter of Canadian green-business owners are also looking to bring in additional workers, according its report, but there is “lots of room for improvement.”

“For example, we’re not seeing green-hiring opportunities for a lot of green tech companies that are located outside of the province, and we have the potential for even more opportunity,” the report says.

To get the green-design diploma, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture, design, environmental studies, business or management, or engineering.

Some of the requirements include a minimum of two years of experience in green technology, a minimum two-year course in green design and sustainable design, and a minimum four-year degree in business or design.

There is no cap on the number of courses you can take, according TechRadars report. 

A green design student can also apply for a green design-related job through the University’s green business portal, according CTV’s CTV Canada.