When the grease tank’s design is a disaster, Joan Green’s greasy-fry concept is just the beginning

It’s been nearly five years since Joan Green was last in the business of design, but the iconic grease tank is still hanging around.

The design for the iconic grease-powered tank, which is part of Green’s upcoming Green Food Truck series, is a new take on the classic idea.

Green’s design for her grease tank was inspired by the concept for the original grease-powered bus, which was designed by former Chicago Transit Authority employee Joe M. Pankowski.

The original grease tank bus was created by Pankowsky, who died in 2009.

The new grease tank concept uses a high-tech technology that can create and manipulate solid and liquid fuel, making it more environmentally friendly than a traditional grease truck.

The concept of the new grease truck is also less complicated than what Pankiewicz envisioned.

The vehicle has a large, glass tank that can hold up to a gallon of liquid.

When it’s full, the liquid tank fills with a white-glowing liquid.

It’s like a traditional, open-ended gas tank.

Green said she hopes to take the idea of a grease tank to restaurants and other businesses, especially in Chicago.

In a recent interview with WBEZ-TV, Green said she has a lot of interest in the concept.

“I’m thinking of maybe doing an event for my daughter’s first birthday,” Green said.

“I think a lot about it.

It would be a fun idea.”

A grease tank in Chicago The new grease-driven bus would take a cue from Pankowksi’s original grease truck and would have a glass tank, as well as a rotating dispenser that would turn the liquid into a sauce.

The tank would hold up a gallon or two of liquid, Green told WBEX-TV.

It also has an “electric-assist” that can be activated by pressing a button.

Green said it could also serve as a food-service truck.

Green also said the concept is about getting the message out to people who are struggling with obesity and health issues.

“A lot of the people who don’t know about this problem and aren’t even aware of it, I think the grease tank would be an easy way to educate them,” she said.

Green’s grease-fueled grease tank could be the inspiration for a food truck called Green Food Trucks, which will have a large truck with the same logo and menu.

The trucks will be available in the spring.