What’s green? What’s a green restaurant?

The green design competition is coming back to Fox Sports, but instead of focusing on what’s green, they’ll be focusing on green food.

FOX Sports Green Food has selected 11 restaurants in the US to create a list of green eateries, with the goal of providing a visual reminder of what it’s like to eat in a green kitchen.

The green food competition will run from February 23 to March 9. 

Green Food Design Competition Winners The winners of the Green Food Design competition will receive $500 towards the Green Restaurant Design Fund, which supports innovative and green restaurant designs.

 For more information on the Green Kitchen Design Competition, visit the official Green Kitchen website and the Green Design competition hashtag is #greenfooddesign. 

In addition, the Green and Green Design Foundation is sponsoring the Green Restaurants International Design Contest.

To enter the contest, enter here and submit your design for consideration.

The green restaurant competition is a new initiative by FOX Sports, Green Food, and Green Restaurant.

It will allow FOX Sports green food producers to showcase their business and give consumers a way to support green dining at home.